About DFN

Douglas Electric Cooperative founded Douglas Fast Net about 10 years ago to bring advanced telecommunications to the county. Today, our driving goal is simple: to deliver high-speed broadband to everyone in Douglas County—even those in outlying areas that might not have gotten service before.

In addition, we’ve brought unparalleled service to the medical and education community. DFN services allow doctors and technicians to work from areas outside the hospital to better serve patients. The Roseburg school district office is a hub for educational content thanks to DFN’s fiber network. Now teachers can show films and request materials instantly.

Douglas Fast Net is your premier provider of fixed fiber and wireless broadband. Whatever it takes, if we can deliver broadband speeds at affordable prices to your door, we will. And we’ll do it with the service and support you’d expect from a neighbor, because we are.

Customer Quotes

“Very impressed with the quality and strength of signal.”

“Great service every time I have had an encounter with them.”

“DFN has the whole package, high-speed service, reliability, good people, community involvement, and reasonable prices.”

541.673.4242 | 2350 NW Aviation Dr., Roseburg, OR 97470

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